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The official website of the the Klinge Brothers and Everyday Paranormal as seen on the series "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel and Netflix. 

Everyday Paranormal and KLINGE BROTHER Services

Public Investigation Events
Do you have a question on one of EPs posted public events such as ticket information, times, or general info?  Contact Lisa Dehmlow, EP Business Manager at lisa@everydayparanormal.com.

Convention Speakers

Our unique style and presence makes for a more interesting paranormal conference for your attendees.  Instead of speaking on the same old boring subjects that are a dime a dozen, we offer a variety of topics within the paranormal that challenge thought and allows our fans an inside look at what it is like to film a television show while trying to maintain the credibility of the field.  (We also NEVER charge fans for autographs and pictures which is a bonus to the hard-working fans who attend these events.  Contact lisa@everydayparanormal.com.

College Lectures
Are you a professor looking for a way to keep your class interested in psychology, physics, or other science that our paranormal theories touch?  Do you have a student union that is looking for an entertaining presentation on paranormal topics?  We have done both for many educational institutions around the country.  Contact lisa@everydayparanormal.com.

Team Building
Is your department tired of going bowling or sitting through boring corporate rhetoric motivational seminars?  What better way to bring a team together than through a paranormal investigation of haunted locations?  We will come to your area and find a location that fits the number in your group.  We will lead an investigation with the attendees, then have them go on their own to gather evidence.  It's a blast, and it teaches teamwork, overcoming adversity, facing fears, and all those other usually boring corporate philosophies.  Contact lisa@everydayparanormal.com.

Private Investigation Events
Do you have a bunch of people at work, school, or in the family who wants to go on an investigation, but you don't know what to do or where to begin?  We will come to you, find a place in your local area, set up all the details, and help you investigate.  We have alot of connections and pull that most people do not.  We can make it happen.  Contact Lisa Dehmlow, EP Business Manager, at lisa@everydayparanormal.com.

Home or Business Investigations
Do you think your home or business is being haunted?  Do you just want to try to get proof, or is it causing problems for you, your family, or co-workers.  We will come to you and investigate.  Unlike the other people you see on televsion, we actually still do private investigations.  If we can't do it, we can refer someone in your area who can.  Contact Kris Ratliff, Director of Investigation Services, at kris@everydayparanormal.com.  

Do you have a product or service that you want to promote?  Are you interested in having your company's name advertised alongside one of our many popular events or conventions?  Contact Lisa Dehmlow, EP Business manager, at lisa@everydayparanormal.com.

Film Production
The Klinge Brothers know what it takes to produce a high quality film production.  They have thousands of hours of film production under there belts, and they have the contacts to help you make it happen.  It doesn't have to be paranormal related--music videos, corporate training films, commercials, general promotional videos--you get the idea.  Paranormal just happens to be there specialty.  Contact Lisa Dehmlow, EP Business Manager, at lisa@everydayparanormal.com for more info. 
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